The landscape for integration has changed dramatically over the recent years with heightened attention on cost reduction and ROI and the rising demand for data sharing on both sides of the corporate firewall. In today's inter-connected business world, success is increasingly measured by a company's ability to integrate and coordinate a complex, ever-changing mix of activities with customers, suppliers, and other trading partners.With the adoption and support of Web Services and interoperability standards, companies can now integrate and access diverse and incompatible software systems in an automated and low-cost manner.

Standards based SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) holds the key to solving the challenges of connecting disparate IT systems. SOA imbeds services at the very heart of IT systems that gets value out of them. Standards based SOA offers the flexibility to follow the dynamic business environment with rapid process change. It aligns business and IT departments more effectively. SOA allows customers to automate and streamline their business processes with technology.

Ritham’s integration practice helps clients identify practical, high-impact ways to automate business processes
and streamline information exchange both internal and external to the organization. Our solutions offer clients the flexibility to integrate both new and existing software components. By leveraging existing IT Infrastructure, Web Services standards, and by using Ritham’s EAI and B2B , we can help you reduce the time and expense of integrating applications in a flexible and adaptable infrastructure.

We offer a range of solutions that spans the entire integration lifecycle:

  • Integration Project Definition
  • Web Services Strategy Development 
  • Service Oriented Architecture Strategies 
  • Integration Vendor Selection
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Evaluation
  • Integration Competency Center setup
  • Web Services & SOA Proof of Concepts 
  • Project Leadership and Management 
  • Business Process Management Implementation 
  • Integration and Web Services Implementation 
  • Technical Training & Integration Best Practices 
  • Integrations Support (onsite and offshore)

Ritham’s integration practice has experienced architects and consultants on these Integration Products:

  • webMethods Integration Server, Broker, Trading Networks, Modeler, Workflow, EDI, EDIINT, Fabric, Glue, B2B implementation using XML standards CXML, XCBL, OAG, Rosettanet, ebXML
  • TIBCO Business Works, SmartMapper, Adapters, Hawk, BusinessConnect, BusinessPartner, PartnerExpress, DataExchange 
  • Websphere Business Integration, WBI Modeler, WBI Monitor, Message Broker, WBI Interchange Server, Workflow 
  • SAP Net WeaverXI, Portals, BW
  • Siebel UAN Integration

If you wish to proceed and engage our services, we will deploy a team of seasoned professionals at your site. This team will work with your internal team to provide business solutions.

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