Enterprises go through constant cycle of change. New technology evolutions and changing standards have far reaching effects on industries. Today’s enterprise includes pertinent business constituencies, partners, supplier and customers critical for resourceful transactions. ERP systems are the mission-critical backbone through which most, if not all, business transactions flow. Besides providing the core transaction processing that large, complex enterprises require, ERP systems are often the launch pad for strategic initiatives, such as e-business and B2B commerce.

Ritham’s ERP practice is focused on providing customers a cost effective way to run and connect enterprise-wide business functions via a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications including but not limited to 

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft 
  • JD Edwards

Furthermore, with our experience in related application areas, ranging from CRM to Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management and e Business, we can help your organization derive maximum value from its ERP projects.

We ensure a full and successful project with our world-class project management, functional, technical and DBA resources. We back those resources with proven approaches, standard methodologies, powerful reusable tools
and a corporate knowledge information exchange. Your final product is a world-class ERP system that fully integrates your mission critical systems and processes with leading edge business solutions capable of keeping pace with rapid technological and market changes.

From new module implementation to customized application integration, our ERP services team can assist both as part of your existing team, supplementing your own or as an external services team working on-site or off-site, offering high-quality, cost-effective and reliable services to your organization.

Ritham’s ERP implementation methodology has the following desired qualities:

  • Benefits must be obtained quickly 
  • Minimum investment of dollars and people 
  • Quality results that meet the clients business goals 
All tasks and deliverables are selected and designed to work toward the clients' final, rapid, quality implementation, with reasonable cost and reasonable risk. Project Overheads are also minimized.
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