Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practice
itham leverages its rich expertise on CRM Applications to provide solutions that help customers to increase revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction , improving in the areas of customer retention, account management, campaign management and call center interactions. This is achieved by choosing the right solution for the customer, implementing it and providing post go-live support and end user training.

At Ritham, We have developed a Framework for a Rapid, Low Cost and Successful CRM Application implementation called Ritham’s CRM Implementation Framework(RCIF).

RCIF contains the Templates and Methodologies which will expedite the CRM implementation for all the phases of an implementation shown below:
  • Project Definition 
  • Business Requirements 
  • Gap Analysis 
  • Design 
  • Configuration 
  • Validation 
  • Deployment 
  • User Acceptance Testing 
  • Support 

We offer the following services to help turn your company into a customer-centric company:

Customer Lifecycle Strategy Development
ho are your “best” customers and how do you treat them differently? Our business process consultants will use a fact-based, data-intensive approach to understand who your most profitable customers are and what your strategy should be to ensure they don’t deflect to your competitors.

CRM Software Selection
There are hundreds of great CRM solutions in the marketplace. We help you to pick right solution for your business needs.

CRM Process Transformation and Re-engineering
Ritham's experienced consultants can help you redesign your business practices to maximize the highest yield from your resources and provide the greatest customer experience.

CRM Implementation and Integration (including upgrades / migrations)
Ritham can help you implement your CRM system successfully. Our focus isn’t just on getting the project on-time and on-budget; it’s on achieving demonstrable business success.

Change Management and Training
Change management and training are critical when implementing any customer-facing application. Ritham consultants can help in change management and training. The Ritham CRM Practice offers the complete range of value-added services in the CRM space.

Our services span all major CRM packages:

  • Siebel 
  • Oracle CRM 
  • PeopleSoft CRM 
  • mySAP 
  • Vantive 
  • Clarify

If you want to ensure a successful CRM deployment, contact our CRM Practice at

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